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Email scams - Requests for assistance etc
I don't get many of these anymore. Still an odd one though. Confused

International Monetary Fund Headquarter,
Washington, D.C., U.S.A


Attn; My Dear,

I am the International Monetary Fund President, and among the Governing body of the International Monetary Fund Debt Reconciliation Unit, to investigate the unnecessary delay on your payment, recommended and approved in your favor. During the course of my investigation, I discovered with dismay that your payment has been unnecessarily delayed by corrupt officials of the Bank and Government regulatory organization in the United States who are trying to divert your funds into their private accounts.

This is to bring to your notice that I am the President of the International Monetary Fund Human Settlements Programme (IMF-Habitat) and I have given out authority and approved to pay 500 (Five Hundred) people who have been Victims of Internet scam and people who are yet to receive the compensation from the United States Government. The International Monetary Fund has decided to pay you $5,000,000.00 USD (Five Million United State Dollars) each.

You are listed and approved for this payment as one of the beneficiaries to be paid this amount, You advised to contact Mr. David Lipton, My First Deputy Managing Director who is in charge of your fund transfer payment to you. This email is to 500 (Five Hundred) selected recipient that funds has been extorted from and those who are yet to receive theirs too due to your hard work you have put together since all these years. The International Monetary Fund has agreed to compensate you and every foreign contractors that haven't received their contract sum due to Government problems or internet hoodlums etc.

You are to contact Mr. David Lipton My First Deputy Managing Director because is the only one who is authorized to transfer your fund to you;

I found your email in our list of unpaid beneficiary that is why I am contacting you, this has been agreed upon and signed by the International Monetary Fund Board of Trustees from the WORLD BANK ASSISTED PROGRAMME. I discovered that the document of your funds was not complete and intact due to the criminals you have been dealing with through the internet and some of these people have been caught and put to jail.

Note: The International Monetary Fund Board of Director have sign your Fund VALUED at $5 MILLION USD (Five Million United State Dollars), This funds is been deposited to Regions Bank PLC United States Of America for security purpose for you.

Please reconfirm the following information for your perusal to Mr. David Lipton.

1. Full Name:
2. Address:
3. Phone Number:
4. Country:

I expect your urgent attention to this email to enable me monitor this payment effectively. Most importantly you have to make the payment of $599.99 United States Dollars for the processing of your fund original paper works to enable your fund to be released to you.

One more this is that you are advised to STOP FURTHER COMMUNICATIONS with who so ever you are dealing with from now on.

Yours Faithfully,
Anti-Terrorist and Monetary Crimes Division
FBI Headquarters In Washington, D.C.
Federal Bureau Of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Building


This is the final warning you are going to receive from me do you get
me? I hope you understand how many times this message has been sent to
you.We have warned you so many times and you have decided to ignore our
e-mails or because you believe we have not been instructed to get you
arrested and today if you fail to respond back to us with the payment
details below,then we would first send a letter to the MAYOR of the
city where you reside and direct them to close your bank account until
you have been jailed and all your properties will be confiscated by
the FBI,CIA and other enforcement agency. We would also send a letter
to the company/agency that you are working for so that they could get
you fired until we are through with our investigations because a
suspect is not suppose to be working for the government or any private

Your ID which we have in our database have been sent to all the crimes
agencies in America for them to inset you in their website as an
internet fraudsters and to warn people from having any deals with you.
This would have been solved all this while if you had gotten the
CERTIFICATE ENDORSED AND STAMPED as you were instructed in the e-mail
below. This is the federal bureau of investigation (FBI) am writing in
response to the e-mail you sent to us and am using this medium to
inform you that there is no more time left to waste because you have
been given a mandate. As stated earlier to have the document endorsed,
signed and stamped without failure and you must adhere to this
directives to avoid you blaming yourself at last when we must have
arrested and jailed you for life and all your properties will be
seized and bank account will be confiscated too.

You failed to comply with our directives/instruction and that was the
reason why we didn't hear from you, as our director has already been
notified about you get the process completed yesterday and right now
the WARRANT OF ARREST has been signed against you and it will be
carried out in the next 48 hours as strictly signed by the FBI
director. We have investigated and found out that you didn't have any
idea when the fraudulent deal was committed with your
[font=MS PGothic,
sans-serif]information's/identity and right now your ID is placed on our website[/font]
as a wanted person, I believe you know that it will be a shame to you
and your entire family because after then it will be announce in all
the local channels that you are wanted by the Federal bureau.

I decided to see how i could be of help to you because i would not be
happy to see you end up in jail and all your properties confiscated
all because your information's was used to carry out a fraudulent
transactions, i called the EFCC and they directed me to a private
attorney who can help you get the process done and he ensured that he
will endorse and stamp the document with the sum of $350USD only
and i believe this process is cheaper for you.

You need to do every possible today and tomorrow to get this process
done because our director has called to inform me that the warrant of
arrest has been signed against you and once it has been approved, then
the arrest will be carried out, and from our investigations we learn
that you were the person that forwarded your identity to one
impostor/fraudsters in Nigeria when he had a deal with you about the
transfer of some illegal funds the sum of $10,500,000.00 only.

I pleaded on your behalf so that this agency could give you till
12/10/2015 so that you could get this process done because i learn
that you were sent several e-mail without getting a response from you,
Bear it in mind that this is the only way that i can be of able to
help you at this moment or you would have to face the law and its
consequences once it has befall on you.

You would make the payment through western union money transfer with
the below details.


Senders Full Name======
Sender Full Address:====
Direct Phone Number:==========

Send the payment details to me as stated above and make sure that you
didn't hesitate making the payment down to the agency by today so that
they could have the certificate endorsed, signed and stamped
immediately without any further delay. After all this process has been
carried out, then we would have to proceed to the bank for the
transfer of your compensation funds which is valued at the sum of
$10.500,000.00 usd which was suppose to have been transferred to you
all this while.

Note: All the crimes agencies have been contacted on this regards and
we shall trace and arrest you if you disregard this instructions. You
are given a grace today to make the payment for the document after
which your failure to do that will attract a maximum arrest and
finally you will be appearing in court for act of terrorism,money
laundering and drug trafficking charges, so be warned not to try any
thing funny because you are been watched.

It's been quiet recently.

Quote:Hello, this is Jack K. Mitchell, Jr. of the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center (AMRDEC) base in Afghanistan.

It will interest you to know that I have named you my beneficiary to receive ($20Million USD) containing in two trunk boxes which has just arrived the JFK Airport New York, United States from here in Kabul, Afghan.

My desire and purpose is to have the U.S Military Air & Surface Transportation Company (ADM) in New York to deliver the consignment (funds) to you (or) to any overseas address under your supervision as long as Am assured that it will be safe in your care until I return home.

If you are interested please reply with your full contact information and address; the deal is 60/40 split (60% for me and 40% for you); I am not a greedy person and I hope you will not double cross a working brother who have sacrificed his life in the service of the nation.

For one on one live chat Please provide your SKYPE or Messenger ID in a return mail and time to meet you online today or tomorrow.

May God bless you as you extend your helping hand to the needy!

I wait expeditiously for your response,
Dear Friend,

I am a personal Representative Attorney to
Late Mr. Thomas Brandt, a national of your country, and the CEO of his
own Construction Company here in Accra Ghana West Africa. On the 27th
of May 2013, my client lost his life as a result of Brain cancer, as
confirmed by a medical specialist who treated him for over six months
before his death. I have made several inquiries to your embassy to
locate any of my clients extended relatives but this has proved

Before his death the Ministry of public works Ghana (MTPT) is owing
him the sum of Thirty Two Million United States Dollar) US$32.000.000.
00 for a contract he executed for the Ministry before his death and I
am the only person who know about this contract and the bank since
after his death and I have search for his relatives but could not find
any one related to him.

After these several unsuccessful attempts, I decided to track His last
name over the Internet, to locate any member of his Family hence I
contacted you. I have contacted you to assist in Repatriating this
money from the Ministry (MTPT )before the money and property he left
behind gets confiscated by the Ministry as unclaimed fund. As the
attorney to the deceased, I received a letter from the Ministry, they
want me to provide his next of kin or have the debt confiscated.

I seek your consent to present you as the next of kin of the deceased
since you share the same surname so that the contract sum can be paid
to you for sharing between us 50% each. All Necessary legal documents
that can be used to back up the claim will be procured. Your honest
cooperation is required to enable us seeing the Deal through.

I guarantee that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement
that will protect you from any breach of the law. to enable me give
you more details and directives. fill in the following details below, you will also expect some documents to view in that regards.

Your Full Name
You Full Address,
Your Age :
Your Private Email :
Your Telephone and Mobile for Communication Purpose
Best Regards
I am pleased to get across to you for a very confidential and profitable business proposal. I got your contact while searching for a reliable person who would assist me to execute this life time business opportunity. From my department as the secretary to the Internal Auditor General first national bank south Africa. I deemed it fit to contact you to seek your assistance in this profitable project which requires trust and confidentiality.

An American Foreign Oil Consultant/Contractor with the Chevron Petroleum Corporation Company, made a numbered time (fixed) deposit for Thirteen years, Valued at US$32,000,000.00 (Thirty two Million Dollars) in my branch upon maturity. Our department sent a routine notification to his forwarding address but got no reply.

After a month, we sent a reminder and finally we discovered from his contract employers,the Chevron Petroleum Corporation that Mr. Richard Burson died with his wife Mrs.Lenor Burson in a plane crash on October 31,1999,(an Egyptian Boeing 767 Flight 990) with other passengers on board as you can confirm it yourself via the BBC WORLD NEWS.

The most astonishing of my discovery was that, all records bear no next of kin, meaning no member of Late Mr.Richard Burson family knows about the deposit,therefore no member of his family will ever come forward to claim the fund.to avoid the bank to transfer the stipulate fund in a dormant as unclaimed funds to the emirates treasury account,the above stated funds must be claimed immediately by somebody who would stand as the Next of Kin of the late Mr. Richard Burson as the beneficiary,because according to the financial laws of south africa,at the expiration of Thirteen years {13},this money will be reverted to the ownership of the Government treasury account if nobody applies to claim the fund.

Furthermore, this revelation is only known to me because I have personally followed and monitored closely this late customer account activities from the Internal Auditor Department before I was transferred recently to this present office with the new post of Secretary to The Internal Auditor General first national bank of south africa .Hence I seek your collaboration to act as next of kin/beneficiary to late Mr.Richard Burson to claim the funds and move them into useful investments, we shall split the cash between our selves upon the confirmation of the money into your deem fit bank account.I am ready to offer you 40% of the total fund and 60% for me.

Please note that by the virtue of my position in the bank,I have worked out the perfect modality on how to claim the fund and I shall provide the relevant information and documents for the successful claim and transfer of the funds in the account that would be provided by you, I can not stand at the forefront of this transaction because I work with the bank,that is why I have come to you for assistance,be rest assured that this project involves 100% risk free. Upon the receipt of your acceptance mail,I shall then provide you with more details that will help you understand this transaction.I will like you to provide immediately your private phone number and fax numbers for easy communication.

Awaiting your urgent reply via my confidential email address
I am Frank Baxter, Branch Manager Santander Bank UK. I have sent a hard copy letter that returned undelivered via regular mailing, I made my contact again to you base on your last name shared with our deceased customer who was a member of Lion Club International and a Golf club member here, He made a Bonded Fixed Deposit of Fourteen Million, Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand United State dollar with our bank in a private account, on legal Mandate BOND which he wanted to use as collateral, for the bank to enable him access a Loan for investment here in London.

The bank officially demanded for his next of kin, with several notifications sent to his residential address, without responds. under the government monetary policy,if by on or before june 2016,if this deposited fund remains unclaimed, it should be moved to goverment treasury as '' unclaimed fund".

I am seeking your consent, to act as the next of kin. so that the funds will be paid to your account.
Upon your acceptance. I will get all the legal documents in your favour to back it up, using my position and office to effect payment via bank to bank wire transfer.

Be rest assured that this transaction is legal, hence will NOT break local or international law of both countries. I have secured my end before making this Business contact, The sharing formular,is 80% for me and 20% for you. Upon your acceptance We shall have a meeting where further details of our co-operation will be discussed and agreed on before we proceed.

I wait for your acceptance responds, Do send me private telephone for more detail.

Best Regards
Greetings for the day.

It is good to be in contact with you even though this medium of communication (internet) has been grossly abused by criminal minded people making it difficult for people with genuine struggle to correspond and exchange views without skepticism. I am a lawyer here in Nigeria, I was searching for same last name of my late client on the internet in your region country government data base when I came across yours which prompted me to contact you, I believe you will read this carefully and understand with me, As this will be of a benefit to both of us. I am the private Lawyer to a deceased client who shared same last name with you

My late client who shared same last name with you had a wife named Rose and two children, daughter named Elizabeth 10 years and son named Lawrence 16 years. My late client was trapped dead along side his wife and daughter on a collapsed building June 7, 2008 built by one of the construction company here in Nigeria, The son who only survived then in the family had gone to school on that day.

After the tragedy the construction company pleaded guilty of breaching the Construction (Design and
Management) Regulations 2007 and Lawrence only survived member of the family then was compensated with ($10.7m) Ten million Seven Hundred United State Dollars, And was deposited in a bank in Cambodia under my guardian. unfortunately on the 4th of January 2011 Lawrence the only son died in the hospital after suffering from Cancer of the blood. Since the death of Lawrence there is no one to inherit the money, due to the fact that every member of the family all dead, The late father and late mother where orphans and had no relative here in the country or his abducted country Cambodia,

I have reason very professional and I can use a legal means to present a next of kin of my deceased client. This is legally possible and would be done in accordance with the laws of the land. On this note I decided to search for a credible person and finding that you bear a similar last name, I was urged to contact you, that I may, with your consent, present you to the "Trustee" as my late client's family
members as to enable you put up a claim to the bank in that capacity as a next of kin of my late client.

I have all vital documents that would confer you the legal right to make this claim and would make them available to you so that the proceeds of this bank account valued at $10.7 million can be paid to you before it gets confiscated or declared unserviceable to the bank where this huge amount is lodged.

For this I seek your consent and assistance to present you as the next of kin of the deceased since I have been unable to locate the relatives for the past four years now. so that the proceeds of this account can be paid to you and then both of us can share the money, 50% to me and 50% to you. I know there might be other persons out there with the same similar name as my last client, but after a little check my instinct tells me to contact you. Can I trust you on this? I shall assemble all the necessary documents that will be used to back up your claim.

I guarantee that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any
breach of law. I will not fail to bring to your notice that this proposal is hitch-free and that you should not entertain any fears as the required arrangements have been made for the completion of this transfer.

If this offer is acceptable by you,Please reply directly to my email and do send me your telephone number, Note that this proposal is confidential. Please take note of my email address as directed.
Good Day,

I am Barrister Jackson and I would like to inform you of a business/deal worth millions of Dollars, it is roughly $187,000,000 (One hundred and eighty seven million united states dollars) which was left in an account overseas by my late client and I would want you to be the beneficiary of the funds so that we can both share the funds Equally, its unfortunate that I can not claim these funds myself without a neutral person, because it will look suspicious for me to claim the funds as the lawyer of the deceased, so for this reason I need a sincere person who I can present to the bank as the beneficiary of the funds because whatever I tell the bank is what they will believe. Trust me, as I will make this legal, so you do not need to entertain any fear or panic for any reason.

This is an opportunity for us to become rich.

I will tell you more once you get back to me by confirming your readiness to proceed with me on this deal but I will protect my personality for now.

Greetings With all due respect,
I want you to read my letter with one mind and help me. My Late father was a very wealthy cocoa dealer in Lome Togo before he was poisoned to death by his business associates on one of their outing to discuss on a business deal.
When my mother died when she was given birth to me, my father took me so special because I am motherless. Before the death of my late father on 22nd June 2016 in a private hospital here in Lome Togo. He secretly called me on his bedside and told me that he has a sum of USD9, 000,000.00 Nine million United States dollars left in a suspense account in a local bank here in Lome Togo, that he used my name as his only daughter for the next of kin in deposit of the fund.
He also explained to me that it was because of this wealth that he was poisoned by his business associates that I should seek for a foreign partner in a country of my choice where I will transfer this money and use it for investment purpose, such real estate agent,
I am 17year old. Dear I am honorably seeking your assistance in the following ways.
1) To provide any bank account where this money would be transferred into.
2) To serve as the guardian of this fund.
3) To make arrangement for me to come over to your country to further my education and to secure a residential permit for me in your country.
Moreover, I am willing to offer you 35 percent of the total sum as compensation for your effort input after the successful transfer of this fund to your nominated account overseas.
I want you to help me not because of the 35 percent I want to offer you but to take me as your adoptive child and take good care of my life. Please save my life.
Hope to hear from you immediately for more details for you to receive the money so that I can be coming to your country immediately after you have receive the money so that I can continue my education while this money will be invested by you.
Thanks and God Bless.
Best regards,
Still getting them...


Kindly Accept & Acknowledge my Proposal!

I understand that through Internet is not the best way to link up with you
to inform you about this notification but because of the confidentiality
which my proposal demands. However, I have already sent you this same letter
one month ago, but I am not sure if it did get to you since I have not heard
from you, hence i am constrain to reach you through the Internet which has
been abused over the years. I wish to notify you again that your name was
mentioned as heir to the sum of 1,600, 000.00 sterling pounds. In the last
testament of our deceased client name now withheld. I and my team in the United
Kingdom are detectives assisting distant relatives of people who have died with
or without making any official will.

As the team of detective, the race is now on for us to track down the often distant
relatives in line for a windfall. We came acrossyour profile and email while searching
through genealogy database. Note our aim is to assist people claim there lost
relative fortune instead of the government or Bank MDS to use the money to in
reach their treasury. Please send an acknowledgment email to enable us process
your inheritance with all due verification process.

I look forward to hearing from you.
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