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LIVE - shithole UK music industry 'umbrella organization' failed mason FAKE PR rats
LIVE (@LiveMusic_UK) / Twitter

So a little cyber analysis of todays Gemma Piss Milroy X-Ray Touring dirt stalker antics seems to tie it back to this shithole of mason rats.

They seem to be ripping off various initiatives and schemes that charities have started to implement - safe spaces for women, well-being and mental health stuff at workplaces, various diversity bits and bobs and FAKE PR-ing the shit out of them for lame credibility on social media. 

Greenwashing but on more subjects than just the environment.

Stomach churning.

So not only are these cunts failed mosher pack stalkers that need to steal from within the music industry for music stuff, they are now annoying, pack stalking and mosher shitdustry rat hawking charity workers personal pages to steal ideas from outside industries too now.

Solicitors will be in touch in the morning, reviews online will reflect their behaviour.
piss Milroy chode....failed mosher pack stalker

x ray failed dreg, warped mind facebook rat hawker 

[Image: MEAY03Q_t.jpg]
Actually the first mosher shitdustry bint in years that's not physically repugnant.

Sadly it remains devoid of morals, a piss Sharter, rat Rapino sponsored dirt rodent mosher pack stalker. 

Line it up, safety off!!!!!!!!
Pfffft how you gonna tag your Mum in insta posts when you're on the pack stalk.

Lax, lax, lax security bruv.
Failed mosher cunts, failed mosher pissdustry

Piss Milroy dirt stalker? Piss Phillips Deansgate catch!

SJM Rat!

Slaughter that! X Ray X Gay!

Deansgate Welsh rodent, safety off, in the mouth. Brains out. X Ray rats, Welsh gay twats.

Piss Milroy dirt stalker, scrote Phillips family tree!!!!!
Slaughter that. After we torture that. Piss Phillips dirt coward, pop punk rodent life insect. 

Calls himself angry man. We call him batty fag. Batty fam. Welsh valleys child toucher. Pop punk leek-wretch emo core. 

Torture that. Then slaughter that. SJM coward.

Beatdown session. 

Slam Dunk coward pack stalker. 

Work the neck, work the spine, jugular. Pressure points. Main vein sessions, get that flow. 

Bled it out.

Piss Milroy X Gay dirt stalker. 

Failed mosher, failed mosher shitdustry.

Sick mind rats. Cowardice twats, dirt maggots. 

Failed mosher, sick mind rodent pack stalkers.
United Kingdom, London WC1X 9HD, 1 Holford St, Yard.

x ray piss

x gay mosher pack stalkers

mandem loom

head goes boom

brains everywhere 

pick a target

or hold all culpable

piss Milroy dirt stalker 

galashiels slam dunk coward 
see you're already busy in life then this galashiels, action presents kilipissjaro dick maggot cunt bitch stalker fucks up your day

someone is gonna HAVE to go in the ground over this,

x ray touring desperado slag rodent cunts 

sick mind mosher pack stalkers
some nouvelle prague dirt stalker bint

Milroy Gemma | Nouvelle Prague

same old same old piss and shit 

can bum up to some london agency old schoolers and work with already established shit on the 'same old' tandem of major promoters and the odd big festival, but can do fuck all in terms of grass roots development or real DIY hustle

no skills no nous

just some media graduate entertainment biz yuppy classer that sucked the right dicks to get along 

some trumped up WME internship lame ass bio a la Piss Sugden
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