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Full Version: Masti Nights is back
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Masti Nights is back! It returned to the screen last night (Thursday) with Aneesha, Isla and Sitara. Heart
Has it been on again since? I mean is it really back or was that just a one-off show?
Masti Nights was on again on Thursday 24th with Ayesha, Jazz and Shanti. I don't know if they did the 17th.
Yes they did the 17th. The show was back on Thursday 10th and it's been on every Thursday since then. Smile
No, you're mistaken my friend. There was no show on the 17th. There was one planned that night but it was cancelled. It might have been something to do with Shanti being unwell that day and not being able to make it. After the 'return' show on the 10th the next show was therefore the 24th, as mentioned above. Then it was the following Thursday, the 31st with Ayesha, Isla and Sitara.
It's good to see Masti Nights back, although it was a bit lacklustre last night. The girls were Ayesha, Jazz and Isla, but they had a break in the middle when Michelle Thorne came on. It was all a bit muddled.
yes i saw that on thursday this week, they started with masti nights and then went to babestation blue and then back to masti nights again, so i'm not sure what the thinking was there. by the way, just out of interest who was on masti nights last week please?
Last week - 7 June - it was Shanti, Sitara and Aneesha on Masti Nights. A stonger lineup than this week I think it's fair to say, as Ayesha and Jazz are really daytime girls only and not really suited to the night shows.
On Thursday this week on Masti Nights we saw Aneesha, Isla and Sitara. I think once a week is quite enough for the show because of the limited number of girls available.
well there was a new girl on last night, or new to nights anyway, not new to masti. that was tara Smile
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