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Full Version: Babestation Apprentice
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I rather liked this show last night. It was with girls called Jay Scott, Lola and Sky. I'm sure Jay Scott has been on the show before, but the other 2 were first timers. How are you finding this show? It seems to have become a fixture, so it must be successful.
I'm not too keen on it. I liked it as a novelty but now the novelty's wearing off. Having said that, the lineup of Lacey, Lexie and Nicole wasn't bad (that was Wednesday night I think).
When did this babestation Apprentice start anyway? I'm guessing it was about a month ago.
It started on 2 Feb. It was twice a week to start with but it seems to be on almost every day now. It wasn't on last night though and that almost counts as a surprise. It's good to see some new faces on the channels!
(17-03-2012, 11:59 AM)Vimalot Wrote: [ -> ]It wasn't on last night though and that almost counts as a surprise.

apprentice wasn't on friday or saturday but it wasn't on friday or saturday last week either. i'm surprised last thursday didn't get a mention with jessica, nancy and flick, as i would have thought jessica alone would have got a mention. i don't know if she's been on apprentice before but i guess not as i'm sure i would have remembered and i think i've seen all the shows if only for a few minutes sometimes.
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