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Full Version: Masti Nights
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I thought Masti Nights should get it's own thread as it looks like it's more than just a trial. It's set to be on again next week although no day has been set yet. If so it will be the 6th night of Masti Nights.
It looks like this has been the lineup so far. The first Masti Night show was with Kiran Khan, Ayesha and Shantii (on Tuesday 1 Nov). Then Shantii returned and teamed up with Mai Bailey and Priya Young for the second show. The 3 shows since then have featured only 2 girls and they have been Shantii and Sitara each time.
The 6th night of Masti Nights was on Mon 5 Dec and featured Mariam, Jazz and Sitara (otherwise known as Lucy B). It's good that they have gone back to a 3 girl show again, as 2 girls is not really enough I think.
Masti Nights has settled into a Monday slot now, after previously experimenting with different days. Last night was the second Monday in a row and featured 3 girls again, these being Shantii, Jezebel and Jazz.
Masti Nights was on again last night. I had thought it was only Mondays from now on. Anyway last night, Thursday, we had Shantii, Sitara and Ayesha.
I saw a little of Masti Nights last night. It looks like a return to just the 2 girls this time, Sitara and Shantii.
Masti Nights is on Monday as normal this week (which is Boxing Day) with 2 girls, Shantii and Jazz.
Yes Masti Nights was on Boxing Day with Shantii's 9th appearance out of 10 shows. The other Boxing day girl was Jazz although she kept herself covered up all night, in contrast to Shantii's near naked performance.
I heard that Masti Nights was on again last night but I didn't see it. Has anyone got the lineup?
The lineup for Masti Nights on Monday was the 2 regulars of Shantii and Sitara plus a new girl Ria.
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