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Full Version: Failing UK Music Industry Organizations That Mean Nothing
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No nous, no work ethic.

Just dick sucking and socio politics.

None of these organizations can be taken seriously in 2021. - overpriced course fees, tutors with inflated egos and little background in the game that dick sucked their way into jobs. - do good work distributing radio money, otherwise a dead organization, same old same old 'chosen few' managers and agents, dick suck promoters like Piss Nation who are rank monopoly guys. - pointless in it's existence, just another failed mason collective, sort of 'system control' mechanism type organization. Means nothing to the arts or young artists. - waste of a membership fee, haven't made any legal moves on behalf of artists that matter in decades. Just another pocket liner for failed masons and washed guys, can't be taken seriously. - mostly populated by managers that got big in the 90s, of little relevance to youth culture in 2021. Just another easy pocket liner for a select few failed masons and dick sucking ladder climbers. - lacks credibility hugely. Gives Frownload Messtival best festival most years even though it's known for boring, recycled bills and fans are walking away from it in droves to Bloodstock (god knows why that's shit too!) most years. - pointless in it's existence. Just another way for a 'chosen few' promoters and agents to dick suck each other on social media and 'maintain position' another waste 'control mechanism'. Who even are these clowns? Of no relevance to young artists or fans. - totally pointless in it's existence outside of stuff do with pressing and mechanical rights. Just another 'control mechanism'. Another way for a 'chosen few' to dick suck each other on social media, clutter the social networks with mason led spam and another home for washed up OAP mason coke snorters and pedophiles. - shithole organization. Tries to act as some sort of 'regulatory body' but has no power, meaningless to fans, artists and venues alike. Just another 'chosen few' dick sucking organization that clutters the socials with accolades for failed masons and washed up guys.
All these places give awards to people and places that can't, wouldn't, couldn't or didn't......nothing based on merit or experience or graft....dire. - same as BIMM. Ego driven, 'same old, same old' failed mason guys. Cluttering up social networks with dick suckers and accolades to failed masons and washed up old guys. Pointless. Students and young people should save their money and just get out there and do it, learn that way, no point lining the pockets of these 'control mechanism' mason rat places.
Gone Til Winter had music degrees, certificates, post grad this, institute that etc coming out of their arse, but probably were the weakest live band on my management roster out of FN / OOV / IDI / GTW. 

Good in their own right, but point being, certificates and degrees and institute bullshit do not a musician maketh.
7 years out the game mate.

still got half my working life ahead of me

still got more history, ability and knowledge in my left bollock than any of the washed up clowns that 'chair' or are 'the board' for this bullshit
Probably all Jews hahaha

Surprises me the UK Festival Shit Awards always back Frownload though as some of their staff are asian and Frownload is straight white power dickhead shit.
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