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Full Version: Failing Shithole Music Company 'Music Gateway'
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Seems to be staffed by a load of ex Boxplus / C4 music and MSA Management (Koopa...who?!?!) clowns.

Thoroughly symptomatic of the current levels of desperation in a fake, idiot run, failing music shitdustry.

They're selling management as a 'paid for' / fee based service, and in some kind of cookie cutter 'sign up online' method.

So, if you've got money, you've got 'management'.


PR - monthly retainer or one off fee. 

Booking agent - % - usually 10-15% with the odd exception like JMG where he's booking loads of fuel money gigs for tiny bands so does it on monthly retainer, but retainer for booking agency work is irregular and 'generally' a no no.

Management - % - usually 15% - the work needs to be done so that the artists incomings and profile increase, so the managers do in turn.

Management is full service, live, eat and breathe the artist stuff.

Not some cookie cutter bullshit "upload your bio and pic and leave it to our team".

Terrible to see.

Hopefully not too many young bands will get mugged off by these money grabbing chancers.

Scrodent mosher shitdustry, a cash grabbing, more desperate by the day situation.
Doesn't allow for any degree of A&R or quality control. Upload your shit, pay the fee and off we go (probably to get minimal results and have little effect on your career).

Chancer shit.