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Full Version: Daily Mail Staff Losing Their Jobs
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hopefully some quick thinking business owners out there will invite ex Daily Mail staff in for interviews, then either rebuke them for being ex Daily Mail staff and kick them out, or actually kick the fuck out of them on the spot.

The more the point is driven home that UK newspaper journalists aren't part of normal society the better.

No amount of violence unleashed on a failed hack tabloid culture louse rat could ever be deemed too much.
Daily Mail staff are getting dox'd tonight. Just looking at Neville Dean's particulars. Quite the right wing trash rag failed hack.

Fuck him, his family, his friends, his colleagues and anyone associated to him.
Catch a Daily Fail rodent hack dreg on the street and take their legs and face to pieces!!

[Image: ME25W0I_t.jpg]
[Image: ME2I6ZE_t.jpg]
[Image: ME3GXOY_t.jpg]