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Full Version: Jamie Jones
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Studio 66, April 2019

[Image: image-378E_5CE95B60.jpg]
I'm missing Jamie on TV, now that we only have these home shows from Studio 66.

[Image: image-C296_5EB6E11F.jpg]
These home shows are of such inferior quality. Bring back the TV broadcasts!

[Image: image-CE38_5EBB6DB2.jpg]
Studio 66, September 2020.

[Image: image-561A_606B942F.jpg]
Studio 66, October 2020.

[Image: image-6699_608ECA5F.jpg]
Studio 66, November 2020.

[Image: image-5805_609C1FC1.jpg]
Studio 66, December 2020.

[Image: image-49BD_60C5281A.jpg]
Found an old cap, date unknown.

[Image: image-D144_6127870B.jpg]