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Just to say that it's been nearly a year that it's happened and BS just seem to be advertising and cluttering the screen with OSG'S... what i'd prefer to happen is for them to do what they did prior to December 09 and just minimise the boxes pleaseExclamation

Would approve if bs could actually start caring for the audience and caring for it as well, rather than the producers telling us about them and advertise in the way they do. We after all pay for our tv licenses to watch and call up and this way that we are being treated.AngryRolleyes

Currently i am watching Elite TV with the beautiful Ashley Emma and at least Elite are being more of our best friend with the graphics... seems strange that Elite on sky has an OSG box that covers up the top left or right hand screen and for FV it's a totally different ball game entirely.Huh

AngrySad This is a bit of evidence that BS are using their boxes impractically:

[Image: image-071C_4DC604A7.jpg]

Please BS play ball with us it's not too much to ask and to be honest it's evidence that if they do this in your face marketting... will loose viewers and callers in droves... i don't know with whether Square 1 management is a cheap license but it's definetely evidence of how they advertise and stuff.Huh

We should be treated a lot better than this and BS need to put their handbrakes on a bit more. After all it's not rocket science... well at least i don't think it is anyway.Confused By the way guys that was taken from the webstream FYIExclamation
RolleyesAngry They just don't learn their lesson do they?

[Image: image-6527_4DC72A56.jpg]

[Image: image-7792_4DD33B0E.jpg]
I see the Glamourchase channel has gone now. What happened to that as it didn't last too long?
It is babe station blue now mate.Big Grin
The BS authoritarians aka management and producers are bloody lousy for these reasons for what i am going to state below:

1) Same sets all of the time.
2) Advertising BSXtreme too much.
3) Advertising pictures and videos too much.
4) Meaningless reasons for the unnecessary OSG'S.
5) Overuse of porn stars.
6) Glamour types being over looked.
7) Lack of day girls on the night time shows to prove what they are worth.
8) Interruptions all of the time; should be every half an hour or an hour at least.
9) Too much of the same type of girl prior to midnight on freeview.
10) At times they seem a bit draconian with their babes telling them off when they needn't do.

Now there are some good points about BS, but it seems like the bad points i have stated above just don't seem to be neutralising at the moment sadly.Sad
Tonight the producers have pissed me right off by telling Megan how wonderful Camilla is to tell us.Angry I think i will move on and the dayshows have been far better today. Far more interesting with more resourceful and sexy babes that can entertain like Gracie Lewis.Heart Not impressed tonight at all and i feel sorry for the twins, Kandi and Tiffany.Sad
Please can the producers do something for us to avert nagging Geri to annoyingly advertise to the extent she does. As a result of it i am actually pissed off the way she advertises and not happy that she is presenting on the nightshows.AngrySad Who the hell do these producers think they are for doing this? i know it is a job, but they should consider us and it is not too much to ask at all.Rolleyes
Did anyone catch a glimpse of Sex Station on the Adult Party Freeview channel 97? It was on in the early Saturday midnight hours with Ashleigh Doll, Kimmy Haze and Tammy Oldham on the phones.

I was surprised to see Sex Station because unlike Masti Nights on the same channel, it wasn't billed. I wouldn't mind seeing more of the other babe channels on Freeview apart from Babestation as it already occupies channels 94, 95, 96 and 97.
there seems to be a lot of girls leaving babestation recently and not many joined. linsey dawn mckenzie is starting but who else and look who's gone, camilla, preeti and priya and quite a few others, not looking good.
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