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Full Version: Babestation Diary.
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As from tommorow there we will post who's on Babestation and Glamour Chase on this Diary thread. This thread is for announcing who is on tonight and if there have been any canellations to original shifts so someone else takes over.Smile

Alright mates.Big Grin
Sorry it's late but here is your line up for tonight:

Babestation tonight: Tiffany Chambers, Priya, Kandi Kay, Ree Petra, Stevie Louise, Jada & Lilly Roma, with Geri hosting.
These are the beauties that grace our screen tonight:

Amanda, Lolly, Charlie C, Lynsey, Ree and Jada with no one hostingExclamation
Your babes tonight: Camilla Jayne, Amanda Rendall, Delta White, Leah Jaye, Lilly Roma & Tammy Taylor, with Lolly Badcock hosting! Get on it.
Apparently Paige, Ella and Tammy are in tonight so far. Full lost will be announced later.Smile

Edit: I was right and here is the evidence:- Babestation tonight: Camilla Jayne, Daryl Morgan, Paige Tyler, Ella Jolie, Leah Jaye, Tammy Taylor & Honey Scott - Geri is hosting!
Tonight: Lolly, Amanda, Daryl, Ava, Jada, Dani - Geri hosting.

Saturday: Lolly, Amanda, Ava, Lynsey, Delta, Dani, Lilly - Tiffany hosting.

Sunday: Lolly, Tiffany, Lynsey, Jada, Leah, Lilly, Honey - Ree hosting.
Apparently Vanessa Walker from daytime is meant to be doing 4 nights next month, get in there.Heart
Lolly, Amanda, Ava, Lynsey, Leah, Lilly - Dani hosting.
Camilla Jayne, Charlie C, Paige Tyler, Ava Blue, Lilly Roma, Kerry Louise - Dani O'Neal host.

Should have done this earlier:

Babestation tonight: Camilla Jayne, Amanda Rendall, Paige Tyler, Delta White, Megan Cox, Honey Scott, Megan Moore hosting. Have a butchers.

Edit: Delta had to cancel.
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