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Full Version: Tweeting problems.
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Someone is trying to impersonate me on twitter and it is not on. Here is the link:


Please can this fake profile be deleted.
Still there and now this is becoming a sick joke now:!/Pirate_Ledders

Please get this faker deleted immediately.

Would appreciate anyone who has twitter to carry on blocking this imposter so he can be removed.Cool
Reported it to the twitter team so this stirring spoon can get removed. Again i thank and applaud people for supporting me through this and for them reporting this fake tweeter to the twitter team as well. Hopefully this sick individual should get removed asap (fingers crossed).Big Grin
I am keeping on trying to delete this faker, however they have asked for details about me and a photo too.Undecided
Important announcement:

I have done all the work to get this faker removed and now i urge people on this forum to report this faker to be removed the link is here:!/Pirate_Ledders

Please get this faker out of twitter!!!Big Grin
Elgar1UK is having the same problem. See if we can report this bastard now and get him kicked off twitter:!/ELGAR1UK

Please can we get rid of him right now. Seriously!BlushAngry
Please carry on blocking @Pirate_Ledders as that way he will get off twitter as i was the real @pirateledders and this way he won't be interested in twitter anymore.Big Grin

1 new follower now.Rolleyes
Still pissed off that the fake is still tweeting.AngryAngryAngryAngryAngry
And even more pissed off that he has 100 followers. AngryAngryAngryAngryAngry

This is disgusting:!/Pirate_Ledders/followers

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