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Was wondering what football team each of the users supports? mine is Charlton Athletic because i was born in Kent and because it has a very communal atmosphere.  We have taken a real nosedive since Alan Curbishley left and from Premier League to 3rd tier football.  It's one of those things but we ought to be in the premiership really if we had the right personnelExclamation

It would also be good if there were some good new summer signings and that would be excellent if it materialised.Smile
Im proud to be a Portsmouth supporter and compared to what we feared for this season we've done very well. A mid-table finish despite having a very small squad means the season's been a success, as we all expected a relegation battle. Who knows, perhaps next season we can have a go at getting promotion back to the Premier League if we can get a bigger squad. Well done to the manager and the players for this season.
It won't be easy for ya, i'm telling ya. Being relegated is very hard for the club because it means less money to spend. Also a very tough division to get out of.Blush
(13-05-2011, 08:50 PM)ledders69 Wrote: [ -> ]a very tough division to get out of.Blush

That's true, but we've done so well this season to finish mid-table that I think if we can add to the squad we can definitely make a challenge for promotion. It would be nice to be amongst the contenders.
You need to keep at it to sustain any chances of being back in the top flight.Wink
As you can probably guess I support N*******e!!! nah Its Sunderland Smile
Sunderland lost their best player this season to Aston Villa.Blush
Tell me about it Sad
He was also the best player for us aka Charlton.Blush
The Alex! - Crewe Alexandra.

We finished 10th in League 2 this season - we missed the promotion play offs by 3 places and 3 points.
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