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Full Version: Tara May (Anna Rose)
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Formerly of Studio 66, Anna is now on the daytime shows at Sin TV. She needs a thread I think!
Anna Rose has now become Tara May and can be seen on the Babestation Daytime webshow.
After Sin TV she was on FlirtXchange and it was there that she changed her name to Tara May.
Babestation Daytime Web on Monday 4 September.

[Image: image-5CBC_59AD8D7F.jpg]
Babestation Daytime, August 2019.

[Image: image-242F_60F49A9B.jpg]
Babestation Daytime, July 2021.

[Image: image-5191_60FD9946.jpg]

[Image: image-EA0C_60FD9946.jpg]
This is a cap I found. I'm not sure when it's from.

[Image: image-154F_60FD9BA1.jpg]
Babestation Daytime, July 2021.

[Image: image-4E96_611BAFDD.jpg]
Babestation Daytime, August 2021.

[Image: image-0E65_613FB6FD.jpg]
Babestation Daytime, September 2021.

[Image: image-EFFC_6165FCD7.jpg]
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